I grew up on that rope swing to the right. Well, during the summers at least. And the autumns. And the Memorial Days. And the odd cold holiday. Our cabin on Craigs Creek, in Craig County, is about as close to heaven as you can get. Come on over for the Fourth of July and you'll see what I mean.

My family has lived in Southwest Virginia for about 250 years, give or take a couple decades. I know this because my grandmother, Dorothy Simmons Kessler, traced her family back to the 1700s—a relative of mine swapped letters with Darwin.

I write copy for ads and I write poems. Sometimes the two are the same.












Roanoke, Virginia: Hometown

Blacksburg, Virginia: A town I've called home 

Richmond, Virginia: A town I loved

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: A town I borrowed

San Francisco, California: Something else entirely