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Commodity Goods' scents don't operate in the same arena as Chanel No. 5. They're a category all their own, focusing on story and creating your own scent rather than a pre-subscribed image of what a certain perfume should make you feel like. When you combine any of Commodity's scents together, you're blending scents into moments specific to you.



These spots focus on the moments someone may imagine when experience the various scent combinations. These will run on beauty-related YouTube channels.

Social Cinemagraphs

On social media, Commodity Goods will celebrate these moments of scent by creating subtle cinemagraphs that embody the scent combinations.


Currently, Commodity Goods offers several different kinds of gift sets that contain a range of scents. But, once you find the moment that's most you, you tend to lean toward one scent over all the others. Our new kit lets you start with the base scent you like most and add four accent scents to complement it.


These moments that we can embody when we use Commodity Goods scents are compelling and arresting when others experience them. To illustrate this, we'll take over various sections of cities and completely transform them into one possible moment for a combination of scents. Take Tonka + Rain and, to some, it creates a tropical sensation. Within the experience, people will be able to sample Commodity scents and take them home.