MiO Liquid Water Enhancer isn't just about making water taste better. It's about realizing how every oft-taken-for-granted water source is an opportunity to flavor your thirst.

  • Copywriter: Chris Kessler
  • Art Director: Andrew Jones



Product Extension

MiO Water Filter


To eliminate further obstacles between man and the thirst-quenching power of water+MiO, we propose the MiO water filter. Filter your water while adding the perfect amount of your favorite MiO flavor.


Out of Home

MiO Vending Machine


What is the enemy of water convenience? Vending machines. But how do you combat Big Soda and Big Water? Hit 'em where it hurts.

We would create a faux water vending machine that would prompt users with a choice: get a free bottle of water, or indulge in the multitudinous of MiO. If they select MiO, a MiO-branded reusable water bottle would be vended to them with a bottle of MiO Water Enhancer inside. We'd also include a handy map to all of the free water sources within the building (like the water fountain that's probably around the corner) where the vending machine is placed. Long live free water!

Water Fountain Hack


  1. Rig water fountain so that MiO comes out when used.
  2. Quench the thirst of unsuspecting people with a shock of flavor
  3. Film their reactions and put them online