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When it comes to bow hunting, every hunt can be a near death experience. You can always rely on Bear bows, as long as you’ve got the nerve for the hunt.





You can test your aim at a normal archery range, but not your nerve. This new quickdraw experience will have 3D models on tracks that come at you at unexpected times, so hunters will really know what they can handle.


To really celebrate these epic hunts, Bear Archery will create in-store displays that borrow the trophies hunters have taken. Bear will find stories of people who have taken down huge animals with Bear bows, put the trophy on the wall and illustrate the actual size of the animal. Beside it will be a write up of the hunt and the bow model that took it down.

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Once you grab yourself an animal, where are you going to share it? Facebook is hardly the place you'll gain the appreciation you deserve. Introducing Takedown by Bear Archery, an app for you to share your bow kills, connect with other hunters, and gain badges for your progress.


If you’ve ever spent any time in Appalachia, you know southerners like to take pot shots at road signs. Keeping in that spirit, these displays will pop up around popular hunting areas at the beginning of each bowhunting season. Bear is of the opinion that if you have the shot, take the shot.

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