Spotify for Good

Independent Study + Rebrand


As part of another student's independent study, I helped rebrand and re-concept Spotify's internal volunteering program from Project Impact to Spotify for Good. We were able to pitch it to Spotify in NYC during early March of 2016.

Originally, Spotify's Project Impact was set up as a volunteer program that encouraged Spotifiers to come up with ideas for volunteer programs and events that other Spotifiers could participate in. However, without blending this program into Spotify's culture, Spotifiers found themselves not participating due to other priorities. Research showed that volunteering is a naturally, and positively, selfish activity, which we leveraged in our concept. Our strategy: create selflessness out of selfishness.

Our goal in re-concepting Project Impact was to break down barriers to entry, focus on what motivates people to volunteer, and extend it to the public. 

My role in this project included conceptualizing the program itself, placing the onus of content and event creation on Spotify while incentivizing participation in Spotifiers; creating the copy and contributing to the user experience for the microsite; and contributing to the final presentation deck.

  • UX and Copywriting: Chris Kessler
  • Brand Management: Juliana Clark
  • UX and Art Direction: Alex Rice
  • UX and Art Direction: Mikaila Weaver



I worked with Alex to concept and develop a clickable microsite prototype for our presentation. The microsite would be used in Spotify's orientation program, immediately introducing new employees to Spotify for Good—research showed that only 6% of people who participated in Project Impact were new employees (those who had been with Spotify less than a year).

Run for Good

App Integration + Marathons


To push Spotify's culture of volunteerism to the public, we proposed an integration of Spotify for Good with the Spotify Running section of the Spotify app. Users would be able to choose a cause to run for and a playlist to run to, while Spotify would donate proceeds to the chosen cause. In the same vein, Spotify can extend the Spotify Running connection to Spotify-sponsored charity running events. Higher profile marathons often forbid runners from using music, but at a Spotify marathon, it'd be the best way to run; the silent disco of the running scene.