During my time as Creative Manager for the Virginia Tech Division of Student Affairs' Communications and Innovative Technology department (shorthand: VTDSA communications/marketing), I lead a team of designers on several high-profile projects. Below are a few of the more wide-reaching projects I worked on.


Burger '37

Virginia Tech has been consistently rated in the top 10 schools for university dining for nearly a decade. In 2014, Virginia Tech's Dining Services wanted to create a brand new burger spot to extend their reign. My department was asked to name and brand the restaurant. I came up with the name, Burger '37, and my team developed the logo. The '37 is an homage to the namesake of the building where the restaurant is located, John Houston Squires; the building was named for him in 1937.

The Keystone Experience

The Keystone Experience is a program developed by Virginia Tech's Division of Student Affairs that invites students to develop themselves fully by participating in a wide range of student affairs activities, while learning more about the five Aspirations for Student Learning. My team was responsible for branding the program and developing marketing materials for it. I came up with the name, Keystone Experience, to encompass the sheer size and importance of the program for the Virginia Tech student body.


The Logo


The Field Guide

As a way to introduce students to the Keystone Experience and the Aspirations for Student Learning, we developed the Keystone Field Guide, a 24-page booklet of Keystone information, reflective questions, and challenges.